Resources that support schools to teach about mental health:







The PSHE Association have published Mental health guidance.pdf for preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing under a grant from the Department for Education: this is accompanied by a comprehensive set of lesson plans spanning key stages 1-4. 


Primary lesson plans: Primary lesson plans 0.pdf

Primary lesson plan resources: Accompanying Resources Primary 0.pdf


Secondary lesson plans: Secondary lesson plans 0.pdf

Secondary lesson plan resources: MH Accompanying Resources Secondary.pdf



The Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families has developed a set of resources to support children to understand about mental health and develop resilience called Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools. This free resources and the accompanying website which offer practical guidance about what teachers can do in the classroom to support mental health, and what to do if they are concerned about a child and a leaflet for parents and carers offering tips to talking mental health with children.

To download the free resources and access the website go to:You're never too young to talk about mental health 


STOP Stigma


STOP Stigma is a resource which aims to increase Year 9 students’ awareness of stigma linked to mental health problems, the role of language in stigmatisation and to reduce stigma by increasing students’ knowledge and understanding of mental health problems.


Teachers and school staff are crucial to the success of STOP Stigma. This is in the delivery of sessions in the classroom and providing signposting and support to students. It is also important in the wider school ethos and whole school approach to wellbeing.


You do not need to be an expert in mental health to deliver the sessions included in the STOP Stigma resource. We recognise that some teachers may feel that they lack confidence to discuss issues about stigma and mental health in the classroom so it has been written to provide teachers with a comprehensive resource containing a scheme of work, detailed session plans, resources and whiteboard materials.


STOP stigma scheme of work.pdf

STOP Stigma session plans.pdf




The Samaritans' teaching programme helps schools develop the skills that young people aged 14-16 need to cope with life's challenges.


 The DEAL (Developing Emotional Health and Learning) programme is divided into sections:


  • Staff training activities and introduction to the programme
  • Core PSHE lesson plans
  • Extended PSHE lesson plans
  • Citizenship lesson plans
  • Cross-curricular lesson plans
  • Factsheets

All materials are free of charge and downloadable. To access this resource please visit the Samaritans website.