10 October 2017
New Team Member

Welcome Jameelah!



As salamu alaikum (peace be with you!) – My name is Jameelah and I have recently joined the council to work collaboratively with schools in delivering PSHE locally.



My specialist health promotion topic is to support young people to have happy healthy relationships. I am also the lead for the children and young people’s wellbeing survey and revamping the local healthy schools award. 


A graduate of modern languages and information systems, I spent the first part of my career as an information and performance analyst for a variety of NHS organisations, however after 8 years in the world of data and information systems, I decided that tackling inequalities was what I was most passionate about and so moved into the of area Public Health, which I have been doing for the last 10 years.


Born in Taunton, I feel privileged to be finally working in Somerset after working out of county over the past 10 years.


A convert to islam, I practise sufism, considered to be the religion of the heart. In essence it’s about good character and an awareness of love, living consciously in the heart.


Out of work I love spending time with my 8 year old daughter. I like nothing more than to spend my time dancing, listening to live music, enjoying good food and travel. I also lead my own heart meditation groups for women. I believe in giving. I have volunteered and continue to volunteer for a number of arts charities which help families to build self-esteem, emotional intelligence, social skills and resilience through creativity and the arts. I am also a volunteer of an events team at national multicultural music, dance and meditation festivals.


My motto for life: One love, one soul, spread love wherever you go.