The Pre-School 0 - 5 Years


Under the age of about eighteen months, the main focus of parenting is about responding to the child’s needs to be nurtured and loved within a safe secure home. At about eighteen months children begin to be more active in asserting their wishes. While nurturing and love remain important, children now also need support to manage their behaviour and to start to develop emotional self-regulation.


Loving children doesn't mean always letting them have their own way. It involves providing a positive role model, setting appropriate boundaries and applying them consistently, all of which is integral to a secure, safe and nurturing home environment.


This also helps children learn what's acceptable behaviour and what's not, how to get along with people and how to resolve differences in an appropriate way - essential life skills that can all be learned by families doing basic activities such as:

  • talking and listening
  • eating together
  • doing activities together
  • playing together