Children and Young People Emotional Wellbeing Programme: Building Resilience through Engagement with Young People


Somerset Public Health have commissioned Knightsmith Associates to deliver an emotional health engagement programme with young people in Somerset.


The key aim of the programme of activities, which will take place between March and December 2015, is to enable young people in Somerset to set the agenda for improving their resilience and wellbeing.


This work builds on the Somerset Children and Young People Survey which was completed by almost 10,000 eight to eighteen year olds in 2014. It aims to explore young people’s experiences, opinions and ideas by:

  • Running a series of focus groups
  • Expanding these discussions through Craftivism workshops
  • Developing and supporting a team of young Wellbeing Champions 

A wide range of young people are to be consulted as part of the project, which aims to facilitate voices that are diverse and representative of the entire population and geographic regions. Measures will be taken to ensure that the voices of those young people who are most vulnerable to emotional wellbeing issues do not go unheard.  This is likely to include, but is not restricted to: young people in care, those facing mental health issues or physical disability and those who are LGBT.


This work will use youth voice to help Somerset County Council best understand where services should and could be focussed and will also be used to monitor and evaluate current services.


This piece of work will be led by Dr Pooky Knightsmith who has a PhD in child and adolescent psychiatry and significant experience in the field. She works with the DfE, the Government Equalities Office and the PSHE Association. Pooky has been directly involved in the world-leading body confidence and self-esteem programme piloted by Dove. Alice Hoyle Co-ordinates the Southwest’s RSE hub and is a freelance PSHE consultant.


Pooky Knightsmith

Alice Hoyle: