Autumn 2018


The weathers really starting to change at Frogmary Green farm now and  most of our garden produce has been harvested. But there are still things happening on the farm and in our gardens and wild life areas.  The autumn leaves in the tree tops are really beautiful in shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown. It's wonderful to take a walk around the grounds and see the autumn colours  but also to see how the wildlife  are preparing for winter by storing food and making warm burrows and nests. This morning was really cold and  I noticed how the frost had highlighted the cobwebs in the hedge.


It might seem as though  nothing is happening in the garden  at the moment but there are always jobs to be done. Now is a really good time to dig any compost  you have made over the summer  into your growing beds ready for next year.  If you wont be using the beds over the winter time you might want to cover them with a layer of weed suppressant matting, black plastic or even  a deep covering of fallen leaves.  This will keep the weed seeds out and give you an easy start in the spring time. If you use the  fallen leaves technique you can either remove them to your compost heap or dig them in. They will help replace the nutrients in the soil however you decide to use them.


There is even some planting that can be done. From November 1st you can start to plant out dried broad beans and  Garlic bulbs ready to grow on for a spring crop next year. These plants don't mind being in the ground through the winter and are sometimes even better for experiencing a hard frosty winter. 



Jane Kayley

Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm














The wildlife area has also seen some success stories. The wild Mallards have  successfully reared a flock of ducklings and the Canada geese, who visit us every year, have raised 5 new goslings.



This morning I have planted a new pumpkin plant. I wonder if we can grow a pumpkin even larger than last year.



If you have a space in your school garden it's not too late to  plant some pumpkins, squashes or courgettes. You might even be able to pick some before the end of the school year if you water them well and keep them well fed.



Jane - Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm