December 2017

Its almost Christmas time at the farm.  We have had some very frosty mornings but no snow yet.  Some of our wildlife is hibernating and many of our  water birds have  migrated to warmer parts of the world.  Never the less, there is always something to see at  Frogmary Green Farm. Today I am watching a blackbird  pecking around the garden for insects and seeds.



The broad beans we planted last month  have already grown a couple of inches and  will provide us with a great crop of beans in the Spring time. Broad beans are one of the few beans that grow right through the winter and I  always look forward to seeing the  bean  flowers in the spring time  which  soon grow into pods.   Many flowers rely on bees to  fertilise them and often its honey bees that do the work. But broad beans  are fertilised by Bumble bees.  Lets hope that our bug hotel has helped some of them survive this winter so they can get to work on our Broad Beans in the Spring time.


If you go out for a walk over the holidays look out for Pine cones, they are so useful  for making  Christmas decorations and  some of you may have used them to make owls when your class visited the farm. You could use them to make some Winter elves like the ones pictured.



I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to  more school visits  in 2018




Jane - Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm