October 2017


It's October and our wildlife area  is looking fantastic. The trees are  really beautiful with Autumn hues of gold, red, brown and orange. 


The wildlife area at Frogmary Green Farm is so  varied with its ponds, meadows, hedgerows and  trees. This month I have been busy making and placing  animal signs  that we can use as destinations for  trails and exploration  games. 



In addition to this fox sign we also have a Butterfly, Hedgehog, Owl and Rabbit all in different colours.


On our last school visit we  discovered this strange caterpillar  which I haven't been able to identify. It was found walking on the ground in an area where we have a lot of evergreen trees. If you know what it is, please send me an email at



This month we have harvested, beans, squashes,  potatoes and  lettuces from our school  garden. The purple sprouting broccoli plants that we planted back in September are now almost  2 feet high and doing well.  Sadly our sweetcorn never reached the table. I kept finding the stalks  broken and the corn  cobs chewed. After some detective work it appears  that  badgers have been making a midnight snack of it.


Jane - Field to Fork Coordinator