Spring 2018

Spring is finally here and  we are getting ready to start a new season of planting. Our garden isn't empty though, we have several things that have been growing over winter. Our Purple Sprouting Broccoli is ready for picking and tasting wonderful, the broad bean plants are developing flowers and our savoy cabbages are heartening up very nicely. This week some children from Somerset Sight visited us and helped me plant onion sets, weed the beds and start off some seeds for the greenhouse.  I have also planted some fruit trees and fruit bushes so this summer we are looking forward to apples, gooseberries, black and red currants and raspberries. Yummy!


If you are thinking about growing fruit and vegetables this year, now is one of the busiest times for getting things started. Even if you don't have a greenhouse there are lots of vegetables seeds that you can start growing right now.  Leafy vegetables, leeks, and salad crops can be started by sprinkling a few seeds into a plant pot containing compost. Water well and cover with a plastic bag or you can make a  plastic dome from the cut off bottom of a fizzy pop bottle. Place on a sunny windowsill and make sure it doesn't dry out. In a few weeks you will be able to prick out the young seedlings and separate them off into individual pots to grow on before placing in the garden.

Image result for seedlings pop bottle

If you intend to grow root vegetables  this year they are even easier as you can sow the seeds directly into the ground in April.  You will have to think them out as they grow, to give them room to grow.


Image result for carrot seedlings



Jane - Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm