Summer 2018


After a late start this year Summer is finally here. Summer is the time when the garden is at its most productive, but  the wonderful hot, dry weather can also be a problem for  young plants who haven't developed a good root system. I have been keeping the gardens well watered but despite all my efforts,  a couple of the fruit bushes haven't survived. We have also had some good successes too, with a bumper crop of broad beans and the first berries appearing on our raspberry canes.


The wildlife area has also seen some success stories. The wild Mallards have  successfully reared a flock of ducklings and the Canada geese, who visit us every year, have raised 5 new goslings.



This morning I have planted a new pumpkin plant. I wonder if we can grow a pumpkin even larger than last year.



If you have a space in your school garden it's not too late to  plant some pumpkins, squashes or courgettes. You might even be able to pick some before the end of the school year if you water them well and keep them well fed.



Jane - Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm