Guided Farm Visits - Information


What will the day look like?


During their visit school children can explore the areas of Frogmary Green Farm that are related to food, farming and renewable energy. In addition, children will be encouraged to connect with the countryside around them and find out how farmers support the natural world.



The farmers want visitors to see how their chickens live, so they have built a chicken house with a public viewing gallery. Children will be given the opportunity to:

  • See where the chickens live
  • find out about how the farm provides the best environment for the chickens
  • think about what chickens need to grow strong and healthy

Tractors and Crops

Currently, Frogmary Green farm 800 acres of arable crops such as wheat, fodder beet maize and grass leys for fodder to feed their renewable energy plant. Depending on the time of year, children will visit the fields, dig crops and have a chance to explore the wonderful range of tractors and farm machinery, providing they are not out and about in the fields.


The Wildlife Area

At Frogmary Green Farm the farmers have developed a conservation and wildlife area where they have planted trees and developed ponds which support the local eco system.

Children will explore this area by taking part in a range of activities and games that are themed around the local environment and seasons. Activities might include: focused activities themed around the wild animals that live on the farmland, natural habitats, identification of trees and wild flowers, pond dipping, bulb planting and the growing cycle.



Frogmary Green hosts a range of renewable energy sources that make the farm sustainable and virtually self-sufficient. Children can have the opportunity to find out how the renewables work to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint. The renewables include; a 840kw biomass woodchip boilers, 50kw solar panels and a new anaerobic digester which is being developed to provide energy to go into the main grid.