National Child Measurement Programme


Every year, throughout the country, children in Reception (aged 4-5 years) and Year 6 (aged 10-11years) have their height and weight measured by school nurses. This is called the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). It’s part of a national campaign to help children maintain a healthy weight. This year, parents in Somerset will be sent letters telling them which weight category their child falls into. Locally, Somerset County Council uses the information from the child measurement programme to help plan services to promote and achieve healthy weight in childhood.


Pre-Measurement Letters 2018

2018 Pre-measurement letter - Parents and Carers.pdf

2018 Pre-measurement letter - Head Teachers.pdf


Feedback Letter 2018


Information for parents about the National Child Measurement Programme


Local support:

  • Somerset Public Health has produced an online Heights and Weights Factsheet.pdf about NCMP. The factsheet contains answers to frequently asked questions that have come from parents and schools
  • School nurses will be able to offer families advice about their child’s weight and link them up with local organisations. Details of local health teams are printed on the results letters that go out to parents.
  • Families can make an appointment at their GP practice where they will be offered advice and support from a practice nurse or GP.

Useful resources and support:

  • The NCMP website provides parents and families with advice and allows them to calculate their child’s weight and see this represented on a scale
  • The Change4Life website offers child friendly ideas and resources for increasing physical activity, portion sizes, recipes and healthy snacks
  • The Eatwell Guide is a useful tool to help children and families to create balanced meals. The guide also offers advice about healthy eating including information about allergies and understanding calories
  • The Map Me Tool was developed to help parents and practitioners to see how difficult it is to recognise a child's weight category just by looking. Map Me - Boys.pdf and Map Me - Girls.pdf

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