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Oral Health Improvement Service

Somerset Partnership's oral health improvement service Somerset Smiles is an all age targeted oral health improvement service. The service provides:

  • targeted fluoride varnish for 3 year olds
  • universal oral health promotion and wider workforce training
  • supervised tooth brushing schemes in all special schools and targeted primary schools
  • toothbrush distribution for every child at their 12 month health check


Fluoride Varnish

Somerset Smiles run fluoride varnish clinics in targeted nurseries across Somerset.


Research shows that Fluoride Varnish is most effective when children receive two or more applications within a year. It can help reduce tooth decay by up to 37%. From 3 years old children will have 20 baby teeth. From this age it is recommended to have twice yearly applications of fluoride varnish applied to their teeth. The fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is painted onto a child’s teeth to prevent cavities. It can also be painted onto teeth that already have cavities. Fluoride can help slow down or stop cavities from getting bigger.


Contact details:


Tel: 01278 773180