Field to Fork Partners


Somerset Play Forum              


Somerset Play Forum provided project management of the activities and farm visits at Frogmary Green Farm until October 2018. The organisation’s main function is to support play provision across Somerset and as Field to Fork partners they offered a wide breadth of knowledge and skill in relation to outdoor learning.


 The Somerset Play Forum promotes play though:

  • Representing the Play sector at meetings, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Providing information about resources and events that are of interest to the local play sector
  • Supporting local play associations to provide high quality activities and events
  • Hosting a county " Play Celebration" conference and networking events
  • Providing small grants to help fund play days throughout the County
  • Recognising individuals, organisations and events in Somerset that have made a valuable contribution to Play
  • Advertising Play events taking place in Somerset
  • Creating links between providers

Somerset Play Forum is a registered charity.  The organisation is managed by a voluntary management committee.




Sky College


Sky College is an education and residential care setting provision for young people with complex social and learning difficulties. Sky College engages pupils and develops positive attitudes to learning by providing a varied and stimulating curriculum. The school is keen to make good use of the outdoors to both enhance learning and provide therapeutic outlet for young people.


Sky College are developing a Community Market Garden as part of the Field to Fork Project using the school grounds and some adjacent land on the site of the former St Augustine’s School. In time, the Community Market Garden Project will be developed to allow access and use by schools and the local community and will include:

  • A series of raised vegetable beds, fruit trees and a greenhouse
  • An outdoor classroom/shelter with potential as an enclosed all-weather space
  • Community allotments with access for local people
  • Composting, rainwater collection and, where possible, evidence of sustainability
  • An Outdoor cooking area with seating for small groups
  • Pathways, fencing and security to enable safe and accessible use