Training and Parenting Programmes in Somerset


Being a parent is an important job and like any job, it's sometimes important to get some extra training. This is where parenting programmes come in.


What courses are available in Somerset?


In Somerset there a range of different courses that have been developed to help parents with some of the common issues that nearly all parents find difficult such as sleeping, eating and behaviour. They are delivered by different practitioners and offered at different times during a child’s life depending on the child's age or the type of issue. They are open to anyone who looks after a child or young person and not just for parents; grandparents, foster carers, teachers, nurses and health visitors are welcome too. From time to time everyone needs a bit of help or advice.


All of the courses have been designed to provide tools to help families work through particular issues that they might be struggling with and are also there to confirm to parents that they are doing OK. This section of the website will give you information about the different types of training on offer and help you to choose the right course for you and your child.


In addition to health visitors, parent support courses are delivered by staff in Getset teams based in children’s centres or by Parent and Family Support Advisors based in schools. Parents can choose to have support on an individual basis or as part of a group. It's up to you!


What are the benefits of attending a group parenting programme? Listen to what a Parent and Family Support Advisor has to say...



How do I find my nearest parent programme?


This depends on the age of your child or young person. If you child is under 5 years you can contact either your health visitor or your local Getset team. They provide training for parents of pre-school children. If your child is at school then you should make arrangements to meet with your child's school Parent and Family Support Advisor (PFSA). You can do this by speaking to your child's class teacher or by going to the school office. PFSAs run courses for parents of children in primary or secondary school and often join up with colleagues in Getset to do this.


Healthy Child Programme 0-5 years


As part of the Healthy Child Programme, parents can access five visits from a health visitor which take place at key developmental stages up until a child starts school. Health visitors are trained in delivering parenting support programmes and during their visits will provide advice to parents on a one to one basis. For more information go to: Health Visitors


Health visitors also offer the Young Parents Programme that offers support for young people 19 years and under.