Information about Children in Care, Adoption and Fostering


Children Looked After and Adopted Children are as diverse a group as any other group of children and young people.  Generally, however, children in care continue to have poorer outcomes than the wider population; particularly in relation to educational achievement, permanent exclusions from school, offending, homelessness and mental health.


Government data CLA March 2013


Children in Care Education Team


Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Children who are Looked After, Fostered, Adopted or otherwise Permanently Placed


The Children in Care Education Team are in the process of posting this succinct and easy to read guide to all Somerset Headteachers. It contains a range of useful information, including:


  • National data
  • An introduction to attachment and trauma, including the impact of early life trauma on children's brains, behaviour, mental health, cognition and learning in school
  • Ideas for school-based interventions that can support and include children, including a focus on how to provide nurture, structure and meet the needs of children experiencing difficult emotions which are often a consequence of trauma
  • Ideas for supporting children's relationships with peers, helping transitions and supporting learning/access to curriculum
  • Ideas for working with adoptive parents, special guardians, foster parents and carers

Peter Newman – Champion for Vulnerable Groups


Education Plans for Adopted Children (EPAC)


The EPAC has been developed through collaboration between adoptive parents, Somerset’s Adoption Support Team and Educational Psychology Service. The purpose of the EPAC is:

  • For those working in schools to be fully aware of the needs and issues faced by adopted children and their parents.
  • To encourage further positive collaboration between home and school.
  • To provide a forum for information-sharing, problem-solving and target-setting.
  • To ensure that the strengths and needs of adopted children are regularly reviewed by parents and school staff.

EPAC information booklet

EYP EPAC information booklet


Pupil Premium Grant


The Pupil Premium Grant provides funding for raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and closing the gap with their peers.


Pupil Premium and role of VS Head 2014

Pupil Premium CoG 2014-15


Information for foster carers and parents post-adoption from Somerset County Council can be found on the following websites: