Who are School Nurses?


Public health nurses are school nurses, health visitors and/or midwives. They are registered nurses with specialist knowledge and skills that support individuals and families to improve health.


In Somerset the School Nursing Service delivers the National Child Measurement Programme and the Immunisation Programme (flu, HPV & meningitis). They also run school-based clinics in secondary settings and support safeguarding and ‘Team Around the Child’ (TAC) meetings.


School Nurses are registered nurses with a Specialist Community Public Health nurse qualification. They deliver interventions as part of the Healthy Child Programme for 5-19 year olds. This includes running secondary school health clinics in which they offer advice and information about emotional health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, and sexual health and relationships.



More about school-based clinics

School-based clinics provide a weekly drop-in service for young people in secondary schools. The clinic offers a young person the opportunity to seek advice and support from a qualified nurse. Like any medical professional, school nurses provide confidential support to young people in a safe, quiet room within the school site. The clinic runs on one day each week usually at lunchtime.


At the school-based clinic the School Nurse offers free and confidential information and advice on a wide range of topics such as:


• stress at home or school

• body shape or weight

• health eating

• smoking, alcohol or drugs

• sex and relationships

• body change and puberty

• Signposting to other information and services that could help.