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Somerset Wellbeing Framework

In response to schools requiring more support on promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing, Public Health launched The Somerset Wellbeing Framework for schools in June 2018. Over 80 schools attended on the day. The Somerset Wellbeing Framework builds on evidence from schools and colleges across the country that are integrating health and wellbeing within the ethos, culture, routine life and core business of the school setting.  


  • Number of Schools Engaged - Since the beginning of the autumn term 43 schools have signed up to the framework with 28 actively engaged in completing the Wellbeing Audit. This group is made up of 17 primary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 special school and 7 secondary schools. The framework is supported by the Schools Health and Resilience Education Team (SHARE) who work with 13 secondary schools each year.
  • LIFEbeat - To support schools in developing and delivering a whole-school approach to PSHE Public Health at Somerset County Council (SCC) has partnered with experienced youth charity LIFEbeat to provide a 4 day PSHE teacher training programme for Somerset primary, middle, secondary and special schools. 30 delegates attended the training and 29 complete the course. Due to the success of the programme an additional a 2 day enhanced creative practice was delivered. 27 participants completed the training. 
  • Emotion Coaching - This year Public Health commissioned phase 4 of Emotion Coaching with a focus on SENCOs and teaching staff in primary settings. 160 participating schools were provided with skills to help develop a culture of openness around emotional mental health including examples of practical ways to help children and young people improve their emotional resilience and ability to talk about their emotions as a way of managing behaviour.
  • Specialist Training - Public Health and the Educational Psychology Team have developed a programme of specialist mental health training for schools which will be delivered in bite-size sessions in each district over the 2018/19 academic year. The training will cover topics such as: self-harm, bereavement and loss, eating disorders and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

For full details click here: Somerset Wellbeing Framework  


Somerset Children and Young People Survey

In March 2018, Public Health commissioned the School Health Education Unit (SHEU) to run a third online children’s health and wellbeing survey in schools and colleges across Somerset. A total of 7302 pupils and students took part in 74 infant and primary and 26 middle and secondary schools in Somerset. The survey is an integral part of the Somerset Wellbeing Framework, enabling schools to identify the individual needs of their setting.


Headlines - Emotional Health & Wellbeing:

  • A higher proportion of children reporting that they are sometimes afraid of going to school because of bullying, 40% in Somerset compared with 35% in the wider sample (national)
  • Higher proportion of Somerset pupils said they had been bullied in the last 12 months (25%). This is higher than the 19% seen in the wider sample.
  • Fewer secondary pupils in Somerset recorded levels of high self-esteem (35%) compared with 41% seen in the wider sample.
  • Somerset primary pupils are more likely to worry about the environment, crime and health issues in 2018 compared with 2014. Where Somerset secondary pupils are more likely to worry about exams and tests and mental health in 2018 compared with 2014.

For full report click here: Survey Results Somerset 2018.pdf


Our latest E-bulletin for schools: Mental Health Bulletin   


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