Supporting Children and Young People's Emotional Health in Somerset


Somerset Public Health have commissioned two projects to support and improve children and young people's emotional and mental health.


The first project, ‘Emotion Coaching’, was rolled-out across the county in two phases, the first in 2015 and the second in 2016. 

The aim of the Emotion Coaching project is to train and develop a network of skilled professionals (such as teachers, GPs, youth workers and early years intervention workers).

These ‘champions’ not only implement Emotion Coaching within their own organisations, but also take on a leadership role to cascade the work of the project to their peers.



The second project, 'Building Resilience through Engagement with Young People' consulted with a broad range of young people (aged 14 and above) in a series of focus groups and events.

The key aim of this project was to enable young people in Somerset to set the agenda for improving their resilience and wellbeing. They formed a group of Somerset Mental Health Champions and created a series of 'Life Hacks'.