Emotion Coaching


Emotion Coaching provides a framework for helping adults, children and young people to understand what is happening when we feel a strong emotion and how to self-regulate the behaviour that can come out of these emotions. 


Emotions are a very important part of how we navigate our way through life. They enable us to function in a safe way, gauge situations and most importantly, help us to form positive, lasting relationships. The more we understand our emotions the better we are at responding to them in a way that benefits us and the people around us.


The Brain - 'Flipping Your Lid'

When a child or an adult is emotionally overwhelmed or aroused we describe this as 'flipping our lid'. When this happens, the emotional part of our brain takes over and we might say or do something we later regret. The opposite of this is a calm state where we can think pretty clearly because all of our brain is making the connections it needs. You can think of this as being 'closed' or 'closing the lid'.


The science bit 

  • In humans, the upstairs brain is responsible for our thinking and reasoning. It is called the pre-frontal cortex and sits at the top front of our brains. 
  • The downstairs brain, called the limbic system and amygdala, is the oldest part of our brain and is responsible for emotional reactions. This is the bit of the brain that keeps us safe and enables us to fight, flight, freeze if we are in danger.
  • When we “flip our lid” the emotional part of our brain takes over and we need the pre-frontal cortex to connect with the limbic system so that we can become rational again and calm down.  

Emotion Coaching helps adults and children to “close their lids” and return to a calmer state. We also call this “emotional regulation” or being able to manage our emotions in healthy ways.


For further information and online training go to: mindfulemotioncoaching.co.uk