Being Active


Physical Activity and play are fundamental to children’s physical and emotional development


Children that are physically active and have regular outdoor play experiences are likely to:


  • Have increased energy levels
  • Have improved muscle strength
  • Be able to maintain a healthy weight
  • Have improved brain function
  • Have a better outlook on life
  • Sleep better
  • Be able to handle physical and emotional challenges

Participation in sport and play-based activities also encourage children to utilise a wide range of social and emotional skills that lend themselves to learning, problem solving and team work. 



Change4Life aims to help families improve their diet and increase their levels of exercise. They also produce guidance and activities that schools can use to promote children staying active during school holidays on their specially designed School Zone pages.


Why playing matters and what we can all do about it


Play Wales has published a user-friendly guide for parents and settings to encourage active play. The guide provides compelling evidence about the importance of playing outside and having contact with nature for all children and their families. It also provides advice for parents about encouraging them to play outside with confidence.


Why play matters and what we can do about it 


Zing Somerset


Zing Somerset is a web-based resource designed to encourage and motivate Somerset residents to become and stay physically active. It not only allows people to record their activity minutes at a low, medium or high intensity, but is also designed to be a one stop shop to allow people to browse what is on offer in Somerset.


Zing provides:

  • An Early Years programme called Full of Beans which is delivered in children’s centres or EY settings by the Zing children and family workers. The programme offers a four week multi-component programme covering physical activities and healthy food ideas for children and families from targeted communities. Sessions last between 30-60 minutes
  • A school-based programme called Healthy Futures which offers a six week programme of health and wellbeing sessions. The programme targets schools where rates of NCMP are significantly higher than the local and national level. For further details of how to access this programme, contact Stuart Kennard by email:  
  • Children and Families Lifestyle Courses – Zing Somerset is also offering a programme for targeted families who need individual support and guidance to think about eating well, looking at what’s in a food label, getting more active, healthy recipes, managing stress as well as a chance to try out different activities and games. For further details of how families can access this programme click: here

For more information contact: