Getting Started with the Somerset Wellbeing Framework


The Wellbeing Audit

The Wellbeing Audit is a series of criteria covering a wide range of wellbeing indicators that are linked to the 8 principles of a 'whole school approach'. Each of the criterion represent the essential elements that make up a mentally healthy school and will provide settings with a valuable starting point for further health development. The audit is valid for two academic years.


To begin the Somerset Wellbeing Framework, you will need to review your current practice in improving health and wellbeing. To do this schools will need to complete a Wellbeing Audit. The Wellbeing Audit acts as a self-assessment checklist which will help you to identify and celebrate all the positive health-related developments you have made. It will also identify any areas where you may need to take action or develop further work.


Actions for completing the Wellbeing Audit:

  • Registration - In order to start completing the audit tool you will need to be a registered user of this website. You will also need to be 'affiliated' to a school, college or other setting and to be logged-in. When you first register you will be sent a confirmation email that will ask you to verify your registration. Following this, you will be asked to affiliate to a Somerset school from a drop-down list. Once you have done this you will be asked to fill in further details about yourself and your school. More than one member of staff from your school can register and affiliate to your school. This means that several people can work on the audit tool and framework.
  • Wellbeing Action Group - As part of your registration you will be asked to complete details about your school's Wellbeing Action Group. You can do this as your group develops. The Wellbeing Action Group or (WAG) is fundamental to helping your school adopt a 'whole school approach' to mental health and will ensure that actions are driven by a team approach rather than the work of one keen individual! Your WAG should be made up of the people who will work together to support the completion of the audit and should include school governors, parents, support staff, children, young people and your school nurse. For further details go to: Setting up a WAG  

Wellbeing Audit Guide

Rag Rating:

  • At each stage of the audit you will be provided with trigger questions to help you to self-review your provision. The audit will ask you to grade your school, college or setting as follows:
  • Green level – you meet all of the requirements for this criterion. Press the Green button.
  • Amber level – you meet some of the requirements. You can put in place procedures to be able to meet the full requirements over the next two years. Press the Amber button.
  • Red level – you meet none of the requirements for this criterion. Press the Red button.
  • You will also see, on the left of your screen, a pie chart for each key principle that fills up as you move through the audit.

Leadership and Management:

  • The first section of the Wellbeing Audit focuses on Leadership and Management. Schools will be expected to complete and fully meet all the criteria of the Leadership and Management principle before completing the rest of the audit and before uploading evidence. Research tells us that schools cannot successfully develop a 'whole school approach' to mental health without full commitment from the school's senior leadership team (SLT).
  • Once you have fully met all the criteria of the Leadership and Management section, you can complete the rest of the audit in any order you choose. You may also like to upload evidence of your achievements as you proceed.

Uploading Evidence:  

  • At various points throughout the Wellbeing Audit, where you have rated your school as green, you may see a symbol like this appear under a statement . This means you can upload evidence & share your achievements in one of three scrapbooks. Each scrapbook represents a Pillar of Wellbeing. The Pillars of Wellbeing are evidence-based areas that underpin good mental health and resilience and include; a sense of Belonging, developing positive Relationships and healthy Lifestyles such as eating well, physical activity and good sleep.
  • To upload evidence into a scrapbook. Click the scrapbook symbol  and you will be taken to the appropriate scrapbook page.
  • Each scrapbook page contains several windows for uploading evidence. When you click the centre of each window you will be given a variety of upload options including; written text, pdf document, a photo, an audio clip or a YouTube video clip.  
  • For a pdf, photo or audio file click on the element that you prefer and upload from your files.
  • For a YouTube video clip type or paste in the URL.
  • For written text just start typing or paste text.
  • When you have completed a whole scrapbook page with images, clips and text you can submit your evidence to us for review by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Action Planning:

  • You can proceed through the rest of the Wellbeing Audit in any order and you do not have to complete or meet all the requirements of any other sections before moving onto the next.
  • Alongside the audit tool you will see an Action Planning sheet where you can record areas where further development and intervention needs to happen. 
  • In addition to the online tools we have provided downloadable versions of The Wellbeing Audit and Action Plan for your records and/or to share with your Wellbeing Action Group:
  • The Wellbeing Audit.pdf
  • The Action Plan.docx

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