Staff Wellbeing & Development

Equipping staff to identify issues for pupils and to manage their own health and wellbeing

Key question: how do we support staff in relation to their health and wellbeing and to be able to support pupil wellbeing?


  • Access to training in this area: identifying mental health issues in pupils
  • Secure referral systems
  • Opportunities for assessing staff health and wellbeing needs (e.g. The Wellbeing Charter and The Education Support Partnership)
  • Support to ensure actions following needs-analysis

Ofsted expectations

The quality of teaching and learning is a key judgement area for Ofsted. The inspection criteria refers to the importance of ensuring that all teaching staff benefit from appropriate professional development and that performance is rigorously managed.

When assessing leadership and management, inspectors must consider the school’s use of performance management and the effectiveness of strategies for improving teaching. This should include the extent to which professional development is based the identified needs of staff and the induction needs of newly qualified teachers and teachers at an early stage of their career.