Pillars of Wellbeing


The Pillars of Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based areas that underpin good mental health: Belonging, Relationships & Lifestyles -Diet, Sleep & Activity.


 Schools are well-placed to support these areas as part of their work to adopt a whole school approach to wellbeing. The pillars are integral to building good emotional resilience and provide tangible evidence that school are achieving the statements in the Wellbeing Audit.

Evidence, Recognition and Awards

The Somerset Wellbeing Framework allows schools to gain recognition for the progress they make in adopting the whole school approach and the Pillars of Wellbeing. We recognise that many schools are already doing a lot to support children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing so, as they make progress, they will be given the chance to upload evidence into a series of themed scrapbooks. Each scrapbook represents a Pillar of Wellbeing and as schools complete The Wellbeing Audit they will be given prompts to upload supporting evidence. Once schools have filled their scrapbooks they can submit them for review and gain specific awards for key areas of the whole school approach.


Quality Assurance Group

To help us award recognition to schools, Public Health has created a Wellbeing Quality Assurance Group of key practitioners and specialists from health and education who will support our decisions to award schools. This group will meet three times each academic year to discuss schools' progress. Each meeting will focus on one of the Pillars of Wellbeing and schools will be prompted to submit their progress by key deadlines:


Framework Evidence Dates:

Spring - Belonging - Submit by 22nd March 2019 

Summer - Relationships - Submit by 5th July 2019

Autumn - Lifestyles - Submit by 31st October 2019