The Pillars of Wellbeing


The Somerset Wellbeing Framework has been developed to help increase, develop and maximise levels of mental and emotional resilience in children and young people so that they can go forward into adulthood with the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to maintain their own wellbeing, recognise the early signs of poor mental health and have strategies and mechanisms to support themselves through difficult times.   


Wellbeing is distinct from mental and physical health but very strongly related to both. If we have good physical health we are likely to have good wellbeing and even if we have a mental health condition we can still develop good wellbeing to help us cope. With this mind, Public Health has explored the latest research about promoting good wellbeing and there are some basic building blocks that have a real impact on our sense of wellbeing and if these are practised and explored from an early age, will provide a strong foundation for our children and young people.


Where better to learn about resilience and wellbeing than in school?


The Somerset Wellbeing Framework provides schools with the opportunity to assess their capacity to support children and young people's wellbeing but also provides guidance and resources to help build resilience and wellbeing through the Pillars of Wellbeing.


The Pillars of Wellbeing are areas that underpin good wellbeing and schools, alongside families, are well placed to provide the support children and young people need to develop the pillars of wellbeing as part of the 'whole school approach' to improving mental and emotional health.


What are the Pillars of Wellbeing?




Lifestyle - Diet, Activity and Sleep


Throughout this section of the website schools will be provided with ideas and support to develop the Pillars of Wellbeing in their school but we also recognise that there is a lot of good work going on already so we have provided schools with the opportunity to share evidence of good practice.

Achieving excellence against the Pillars of Wellbeing

As schools work through the Somerset Wellbeing Framework they will have opportunities to submit examples of where they are achieving success against the Pillars of Wellbeing and gain awards for each pillar. Throughout the school year Public Health and our wellbeing partners in health and education, will provide schools with training and resources that support the areas identified by the Pillars of Wellbeing.