Guided Farm Visits


‘Children of all ages can benefit enormously from visiting a working farm. From providing a stimulating, hands-on experience for Early Years right through to a practical demonstration of some career options for post 16s, there is something for all ages and abilities. Getting children out into the countryside also has wider community benefits.’

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) 2015


The Field to Fork Hub is based at Frogmary Green Farm where they are offering schools the opportunity to visit a working farm to help children develop an understanding of how food is produced and the important role of farmers in producing the food we eat and preserving wildlife.


What are the benefits of visiting a farm?

  • Teaches children in a direct, hands-on way about many important topics including nutrition, food production, sustainability and conservation
  • Creates interest and motivation that can be carried back to classroom activities
  • Offers links to the curriculum
  • Encourages physical activity and engagement with the outdoors
  • Provides teaching staff with ideas for delivering education in the outdoorsThe tabs on this page are designed to provide schools and Early Years settings with all the information they need to book a visit at Frogmary Green Farm.

We recommend that staff read through the materials carefully before making a booking and share with the other adults that will be coming with you on your visit.