The SHED @ Frogmary Green Farm

We are very pleased to announce that in June 2017 the Field to Fork team launched an outdoor classroom at Frogmary Green Farm. The Schools' Health Education Den (SHED) will become the new learning hub for the Guided Farm Visits and also provide a facility for targeted groups. 


One of the aims of the Field to Fork project has always been to provide specific groups and organisations with the opportunity to make independent use of the site. This offer is open to groups that Public Health has identified as having the greatest need in relation to health and wellbeing. These organisations will be able to book and use The SHED @ Frogmary to engage children, young people and families in growing, cooking and outdoor learning using this wonderful setting on a real working farm.


The SHED will also be used to facilitate good quality, health-related training in topics such as PSHE, Emotion Coaching, Tuning into Kids, Sexual Health, Mental Health First Aid, gardening and outdoor learning.


For enquiries about using The SHED contact: Sue Habgood Email: