1 February 2018
Emotion Coaching - Phase 4


Emotion Coaching Training 2018 - Staff wellbeing and development


Public Health has commissioned a further phase of Emotion Coaching training for schools.


This phase will be available to all phases and settings targeting SENCOs, SLT and staff with direct teaching responsibilities. The training will focus more closely on using the Emotion Coaching process to develop skills of self-care and resilience for teaching staff. Places will be available for approximately 200 teachers from across the primary and secondary schools in Somerset. One place will be available per school. The training days will be held in The SHED at Frogmary Green Farm in October 2018.


The training will involve 2 full days commitment. This will break down into two separate half day workshops, held at Frogmary Green Farm, and two flexible working half days with the option to take part in group and one to one video link coaching to support cascading.


Delegates attending the training will be expected to:


  • Have direct teaching, SENCO or SLT responsibilities or from Public Health Nursing
  • Be prepared to cascade the training and skills to staff in your setting or workplace
  • Take part in a short, confidential wellbeing survey pre & post training
  • Gain full agreement and support from their head teacher or manager

For further details, dates and registration go to: https://form.jotformeu.com/80303428305346