1 May 2018
Young Carers in Somerset Schools Event



The Somerset Young Carers' Team and the Young Carer Forum will be providing a day for school leads and staff to help them develop a better understanding of the needs of pupils with caring responsibilities and the things that schools can do to support.


“Once a teacher asked why I kept looking at the clock, It was because I was desperate to get home so I could check my Mum was O.K”

14 year old Young Carer


A Young Carer is someone under 18 who regularly helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.  


“We really want schools to help us when we need it”

Somerset Young Carer Forum



“I have a really nice teacher who asks me how I am and if I am worried about my Dads health”

8 year old Young Carer  




When: 20th June 2018


Time: 10-3.30pm - a light lunch will be provided


Where: Frogmary Green Farm, West Street, South Petherton, TA13 5DJ


Target Audience: Senior leadership teams, pastoral or safeguarding leads (Up to 2 places per school)


Why attend:

Every school will have Young Carer pupils within its community. Often Young Carers circumstances and caring role remains hidden at school. Without support at the right time, Young carers are more likely to underachieve in their education and long-term face more vulnerabilities compared to their peers.


Aim of the Course:

To have a greater awareness across Somerset schools of the issues and needs facing Young carers and how your school can best support these.


Outcomes - Delegates will:

  • explore the local context for Young Carers and their families
  • develop an understanding of the educational challenges facing Young carers
  • Hear from and interact with Young Carers about their school experiences
  • Look at best practice and what currently works in Somerset schools
  • Be better informed of what support is available locally for Young carers and where to go for this.  

“Caring can be tough, I have been caring since I was 10 and I don’t think anyone at my school really understood why I was late sometimes or couldn’t always concentrate on my lessons”

15 year old Young Carer





To register your place on the Young Carers in Somerset Schools Training Day go to: