Somerset Children and Young People Survey (SCYPS)


In the Spring Term of 2014 almost 10,000 children and young people across Somerset participated in a Health and Wellbeing survey.


The results of that survey form the content of the reports available on these pages.


District and Key Stage reports


Reports are available for the county as a whole, and for its five districts - these can be selected using the appropriate tab on the left.


Each summary report provides an over-arching view of the survey results and includes analysis of the results in that geographical area. In addition there separate reports that look at each phase: primary (Years 4 & 6), secondary (Years 8 & 10) and FE (Year 12).


The results are also offered in tabular form.


Thematic reports


The data was also analysed across a range of themes, thus concentrating on one particular aspect of health and wellbeing (for example, emotional health and wellbeing). These reports are listed under the 'thematic reports' tab.