Children, Young People and Technology


Technology is part of everyone’s lives now and particularly for young people who have never known a world without computers. Many rely on technology not just to keep in touch, but as a way of developing their identities, socialising, and belonging to groups.


Technology can play a positive, productive and creative part of young people’s activities, development and social participation but unfortunately, technology also has its downside! Although it provides a great social activity that allows young people to feel connected to their peers it can also offers a means for children, young people and adults to be bullied, harassed or abused so in order to get the best out of technology, we all have to learn about internet safety.


Managing Screen Time


Sometimes it might be good to think about technology as a whole family and ways that parents can be actively engaged in what their children are interested in. Managing screen time is a challenge for all ages so here is a link to some advice that your family may want to try:


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