August 2017
What a bumper harvest we have had in our first season of growing at Frogmary Green farm.  Luckily  a few school groups visited the farm  before the summer and they helped me plant, beetroots, potatoes, beans, peas, lettuces, cabbages, tomatoes and much more.
Almost everything has grown well  and we have had lots of extra special vegetables to share with our visitors.   We have had lots of wildlife visitors  too, some of which have been really helpful,  whilst others have been a bit more of a problem. In June we planted some beautiful sunflowers  but  rabbits ate the stems before they could really grow tall. A fox has been visiting the garden too and recently I saw four small birds following each other around the beds.   I didn't know what they were and had to look it up - do you know?






Now we are getting ready for more school visits and I am planting vegetables we can enjoy  even in the winter.  So if you have a school garden, my TIP OF THE MONTH is to plant some purple sprouting broccoli so you will something to pick in  early Spring.