Winter 2018


I hear that some areas of the country have snow forecasted, hopefully we aren't expecting any snow at Frogmary farm for a little while yet.


As I write this blog I am watching 2 crows in the classroom garden.  They are obviously looking for food and it made me remember how hard it is for wildlife at this time of year. There are lots of ways we can all help them.  Putting out bird seed nuts and fat balls can really help our feathered friends get through the  cold winter days.  Bird tables are great,  but you can also make hanging  feeders  that  swing from a branch.  I like to keep things as natural as possible and one thing that's really nice to make is pinecone feeders. 


  • Tie a string onto a pine cone

  • Make a mix of fat (lard, coconut oil or similar) and bird seeds. 

  • Press the mixture into the pine cone

  • Suspend the pine cone feeder from a branch



If you are watching birds in your garden don't forget to register for the RSPB big bird watch. Every year the RSPB ask people all over the country to record the birds that visit their garden and the data everyone collects helps establish how our native birds are doing. The Big Bird Watch takes place on 26th - 28th January and you can register to take part by pressing the button below.


Big Bird Watch


Jane Kayley

Field to Fork Coordinator

Frogmary Green Farm