This area of the Somerset Children and Young People's Health & Wellbeing website provides support to schools, colleges and Somerset 'getset' services about mental health and emotional health & wellbeing. It brings together key information and recommended websites for staff working with children and young people in Somerset.


This toolkit includes information about:

  • What can be done in children and young people's settings, including schools and colleges, to promote mental health
  • How children and young people experiencing mental health problems (and their families) can be supported in educational and 'getset' service settings
  • Support and services available in Somerset

Early years providers, schools, colleges and other children and young people settings have a key role to play in ensuring the positive mental health of those they work with. They do this by:


  • Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing - thus helping to prevent poor mental health
  • Ensuring that those children and young people who demonstrate early signs of mental health problems receive the right support 
  • Linking with the health care providers of children and young people who have complex mental health problems and are in receipt of treatment

In Somerset, as in other areas of the country, support for children and young people's mental health is known as CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services). Often this term is mistakenly understood to mean only those specialist services provided by the NHS. In fact CAMHS is a model that incorporates four 'tiers' of intervention, and early years providers, schools, colleges and other educational establishments have a vital role to play in all of these, particularly at Tier 1 & 2. Information about Tiered services is available here.