What is Emotion Coaching?


“Emotion Coaching is about helping children and young people to understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur and how to handle them” John Gottman


Emotion Coaching supports children to:         

  • become more aware of their emotions
  • manage emotions, particularly during times of stress or conflict        
  • recognise all emotions are valid but recognise limits on on behaviour
  • problem-solve to develop more effective behavioural strategies

The programme helps us all understand better how we regulate our emotions. Research has found that an Emotion Coaching parenting style can influence a child's emotional intelligence.


Amy Harper is a Parent and Family Support Advisor. In this video clip Amy explains what happens in our brain when our emotions take over





Schools - If you would like Emotion Coaching training for staff in your schools please contact: Fiona Moir Email:


Parents: To find out more about Emotion Coaching and to sign up to a free online parenting programme go to: http://www.ehcap.co.uk/parent-support