What is a Parent and Family Support Advisor?




A Parent and Family Support Advisor or PFSA is someone who works in school providing help for parents and families. They support parents with some of the everyday problems that they might be having with their children so that the children are happy to attend school and engage in their learning. PFSAs are available to all parents but will usually only work directly with a family when they are going through a tough period and they need that extra help to get them through. PFSAs support parents with things like behaviour, attendance and health and can signpost families to more specialist support if it is needed. They are very good at getting families through tricky times and helping them to get things back on track. PFSAs also offer support through parenting programme as Tuning into Kids or Triple P



Who can access a PFSA?



If you are a parent or carer who is struggling with an issue related to your child and it is affecting family life then you can request to see your school PFSA.


Most schools have a PFSA but they are often shared between a group of schools. To make an appointment with a PFSA, a parent needs to speak to their child's class teacher/ head teacher or form tutor but some schools may do things slightly differently. When you child starts schools you will be introduced to the school PFSA and the school will let you know how you can access this support if you need it.


How can parents access the support of a PFSA?




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