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Universal Infant Free School Meals


The Children and Families Act in 2014 placed a legal duty on all state-funded schools in England, including academies and free schools, to offer a free school lunch to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from September 2014. The Government made this decision because a good lunch makes an enormous difference to children’s health, development and ability to learn. It is also important that children develop good healthy eating habits to combat the rising problem of childhood obesity.


Somerset Public Health has produced a leaflet for parents of children entering Reception which provides information and encouragement to take up the free meal offer. The leaflet also acts as a mechanism for registering parents who have access to Free School Meal Entitlement (FSME) which triggers pupil premium funding for schools.


Universal Infant Free School Meals


School Food - guidance and links


Food Teaching – Primary Guidelines - This framework is a guide to the knowledge and skills expected of primary school teachers who teach children about food. It outlines the knowledge and skills that would be developed over time – resulting in exemplary food teaching.


Food Teaching - Primary Guidelines


School Food Standards – The standards are designed to make it easier for school cooks to create imaginative, flexible and nutritious menus so that children can enjoy food at school which supports their health and education. The standards ensure school food is healthy and nutritious, offers greater creative freedom to school chefs to adapt to children’s preferences and helps to reassure parents that their child is having a nutritious lunch


For full guidance go to: School Food Standards


The School Food Plan – A comprehensive resource developed in 2014 after a review of school food. It offers schools and settings information, advice and resources for improving the quality of food in schools.


British Nutrition Foundation – Offers online training and resources to help schools deliver food, nutrition and cooking as part of the National Curriculum. It also provides schools with online tools for accessing children’s understanding and knowledge about